HT8272 MCU is an easy-used 4-bit CPU base microcontroller. It contains 1984-word ROM(MTP), 192-nibble RAM, timer/counter, time base,watch dog timer, PWM, interrupt service, IO control hardware, LVR and touch pad feature for specified applications. The device is also suitable for diverse simple applications in control appliance and consumer product.

1. Hottek RISC 4-bit CPU core

2. Total 26 crucial instructions and two addressing mode

3. Most instructions need 1 word and 1 machine cycle(2 system clocks) except read table instruction(RTB)

4. Advance CMOS process

5. Working memory with 1984*16 program ROM(MTP) and 192*4 SRAM

6. 4-level stacks

7. LVR voltage can select 2.0V or 2.7V by register

8. Operating voltage: 3.5V~5.5V (LVR=2.7V); 2.2V~5.5V (LVR=2.0V)

9. System operating frequency: (at VDD=5V)

    •  High-speed system oscillator(RC8M):

        •   Built-in RC oscillator: 8MHz (typical) ± 5%

        •   High-speed system clock(OSCH): 4MHz (typical)

    •  Low speed peripheral oscillator(RC32K):

        •   Built-in RC oscillator: 32KHz (typical) ± 30%

        •    Low-speed peripheral clock(OSCL): 32KHz (typical)

10. The MCU will go into low speed operation mode (RC32K on and RC8M off) automatically after power on or reset release.

11. Offer 3 IO+10 touch pad or 13 general programmable IO

        •    IO port built-in key wake-up feature enable by software setting

        •    Providing external interrupt inputs

        •   Offering internal signal outputs, like PWM

12. Two time base

        •    Time base offers 2 various period interrupt request

13. One 8-bit TCP1 auto-reload timer/counter

        •    4 kind clock sources selected by software

14. One 8-bit TCP2 auto-reload timer/counter, can improve PWM function

        •   4 kind clock sources selected by software

15. Built-in 5 set 8-bit PWM output

16. MCU system protection and power saving controlled mode:

        •    Built-in watch dog timer (WDT) circuit

        •   Built-in low voltage reset (LVR) function

        •   Out of user program’s range detection

        •    Provide high/low system operating speed, sleep and stop mode for power saving control

17. 10 pins with touch pad detection

18. Provide two wire serial interface (IIC-BUS)

19. Provides 10 interrupt sources

        •    External: INT0, INT1 shared with IO pad

        •    Internal: two timer/counter, two time base, two touch pad's interrupt

        •   Two IIC interrupt

20. Provide package types

        •   SOP-16/SOP-8

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