About Us

Since its founding in 1986,Hottek Design Technology Ltd. is a fabless IC design company head and R&D center quartered in Hsinchu,Taiwan. 
      Hottek has become a global leader in consumer IC design.  In the 
home electronics IC market, Hottek  has established a reputation for superior quality, having numerous products certified and adopted by prominent automobile manufacturers. Hottek’s products include Display Driver ICs, Power Management ICs, Touch Pad , Motor Driver ICs,, and ASICs and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive dash-board and portable powers, digital TVs, home audio/video appliances, smart wearable products, LED lighting products, and car security systems.
      Hottek has accumulated many years of IC design experience and most recently has been involved heavily in the development of MCU (Microcontroller Unit) products. Nimble execution of product strategies to meet market trends and strong support from the world’s leading foundry partners allow Hottek to continually launch new products and effectively enter emerging markets.


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