◆  Comprehensive Compensation and Benefit Program

Every employee is a prime asset to Hottek. The Department of Human Resource develops following compensation packages and benefits programs to motivate and reward employees for their good performance.

    ◆   Competitive salary

    ◆ Stock options program

    ◆ Company profit sharing program

    ◆  Promotion and training program

    ◆ More annual leaves than the requirement of Labor Standards Law

    ◆  Employee communication system

    ◆ Company-paid annual physical check

    ◆  Company-paid group insurance

    ◆ Domestic/international trips, and other activities and events held by Employee Welfare Committee

◆  Hign-Quality Human Resource

There is an outstanding workforce in Hottek, 55% of which have college/university academic background and 27% master's degrees or advanced. In addition, "Selection", "Education", "Staffing", "Retention", and "Development" are five philosophies that we have always committed to for our human resource management.

Our comprehensive management system encourages and motivates employees to develop innovation and creativity.

◆  Comprehensive Training and Development System

To attract and retain talent, a comprehensive training system has been established to provide individual development training and technical assistance for all Hottek employees. Evaluation shows that the system has been successfully implemented and resulted in improved individual performance and boosted employee satisfaction with job and working condition. In addition, generous sharing and continuous learning environment became a company culture that tremendously contributes to both of the employee and Hottek's growth.


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